Frequently Asked Questions

Is my family required to reside in Bridgeport in order for my child to participate in the School Readiness program?

Yes, only children who reside in Bridgeport or whose parents work in Bridgeport may be enrolled in C.E.S. School Readiness program.

What are the ages of the children who may enroll in the School Readiness program?

The students are between the ages of 2.9 years (in September) and 5 years.

Does my child need to be toilet-trained?

Children are not required to be toilet-trained. Families are asked to provide disposable diapers or pull-ups, wipes, and extra clothing in case of soiling.

Is there a microwave or refrigerator available to heat/cool my child’s lunch?

No facilities exist for refrigeration of lunchboxes; therefore, families must place an ice pack in the lunchbox as per health department regulations. We will not do food preparation or heat lunches.

Does my child need to attend every day for 6 hours?

Yes, the School Readiness grant for full day/full year programs requires that each child attend school for at least 6 hours, 5 days each week. Consistent attendance is necessary to maintain your child in the program.

Is this a year round program?

Yes, School Readiness program is open for 50 weeks per year.

Is my child required to go outdoors if he/she is recovering from an illness?

Yes. If your child is or has been ill and you feel that he/she is not sufficiently well to go outdoors, please keep him/her home until he/she is ready to participate in a full day of school.