Speech and Language Therapy Services
For more information, contact Jennifer Ki, Director of Related Services and Special Programs, at kij@cestrumbull.org or 203-365-8812.

Speech and Language Therapy is provided to C.E.S. students who qualify for services in each of our school-based programs. The teaching staff in all of our programs begin with the premise that language, communication, and social interaction are key elements to student success. All of our Speech Language Pathologists collaborate with the educational teams in all classrooms to establish the use of effective communication strategies.
To meet the specific needs of students, intervention is provided based upon the goals and objectives identified in the student's Individualized Education Program (IEP). Our Speech Language Pathologists provide therapy based upon the current researched-based interventions. Besides language competence, our pathologists also concentrate on developing skills to improve social communication and emotional regulation. All of our speech/language pathologists are trained in various methods of augmentative communication systems. Their knowledge goes from the low-tech use of manual signs and pictures to high tech use of Speech Generating Devices.
All of our Speech Language Pathologists work with students individually in the therapy rooms as well as in the context of their educational program. They collaborate with classroom teachers to implement strategies throughout all instructional activities. The goal is for students to be successful participants and effective communicators in their educational program, with peers, and in the community. Speech Language Pathologists support teachers and staff with materials such as social stories, visual supports, and video modeling. They also assist students to develop language skills sufficient to master literacy and writing skills.