PLC Parent & Family Services
PLC is committed to the support and development of the entire family. This is evidenced by the comprehensive package of services offered to the families of our students. Our Parent Information Workshop Series offers several types of programs for parents. A foundation series of informational workshops offers a basic understanding of the core issues of ASD, such as communication, behavior, and sensory integration. Advanced workshops offer detailed information about topics such as SCERTS, RDI, Social Skill Development, Recreation and Play Skills, and more. Hands-on activities allow parents to create tools and materials to utilize at home with their children. Finally, support group meetings provide an informal arena for parents to meet one another and discuss what is important to them.
PLC also offers home visits to help meet the unique needs of each of our families. PLC encourages the involvement of extended family members such as grandparents, as well as aunts and uncles to help them become more familiar with autism and instructional methods used by the program.
Sibling Support Program
PLC is proud to offer a one-of-a-kind program to the siblings of students. This comprehensive program has two components. Each month, a Sibling Support group meets to provide brothers and sisters of students with an opportunity to meet others and engage in fun, educational, and support activities. The group has engaged in many exciting projects such as writing books and newspapers, creating a visual recipe book, fundraising activities, and creating a documentary film about disabilities.
Each summer, PLC offers the Explorations program. Explorations is a week long summer camp experience for our siblings. Participants engage if five full days of activities including educational experiences, encounter groups, visiting the classrooms, coached and cooperative activities with our students, and more. The comprehensive support and information programming for our siblings, help them to develop a greater understanding of the issues related to autism, and enhance their relationships with their brothers and sisters with disabilities.
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