Preschool-Primary Learning Center (PLC)
The Preschool Primary Learning Center (PLC) strives to provide a comprehensive instructional program through individualized learning and consistent structure for students' ages 3-12 on the Autism Spectrum or with severe language impairment. Through the use of Developmental Therapy and SCERTS models, PLC incorporates visual aids and static visual cueing, functional academics and life skills curriculum, and the development of play and social skills by providing 1:1 and small group instruction.
Our class sizes are small, ranging in staff to student ratio from 1:1 to 3:6. Classes have no more than six students, and are staffed by a certified teacher, educational instructor, and at least one instructional aide.
PLC students receive individualized programming to meet their specific developmental needs. The school day is highly structured, predictable, and highly focused on social communication and emotional regulation as foundations for learning and relating.
PLC is highly focused on transactional supports and includes emotional and educational support for families through support groups, workshops, home visits, and extended year programming.

Educational Philosophies - 

Stacey Cronk
PLC Program Administrator

Wendy Matchett 
Administrative Secretary 

Kara Perrone
PLC Component Leader/Senior Speech Language Pathologist