Developmental Learning Center (DLC)
DLC is an individualized multidisciplinary Regional Special Education Program serving students with developmental disabilities between the ages of 12 and 18.  By using a functional academic and life-skills curriculum, the program’s activities focus on supporting and encouraging meaningful student learning and independence across home, school, and community contexts. DLC  focuses on the development of appropriate academic, social, communication, and behavioral skills needed to successfully participate in a variety of activities.  In addition, the development of personal management skills such as hygiene,  and activities of daily living are fundamental to successful independence and are an integral part of the DLC program.
Our class sizes are small, and range in staff-to-student ratio. Classes have no more than seven students, and are staffed by a certified teacher, educational instructor and at least one instructional aide.  Our highly qualified multidisciplinary teams work collaboratively to plan and support learning throughout the day.  With a foundation in Developmental Teaching Therapy and the SCERTS Model, DLC incorporates a variety of visual supports, communication opportunities, and emotional regulation strategies to encourage learning, interaction, and generalization.
DLC students receive individualized programming based on their IEP (Individualized Education Program) to meet their specific developmental needs. The school day is highly structured, predictable, and focused on communication, independence, and community integration.
Jocelyn Poglitsch 
DLC Program Administrator
Click the video below to see messages from the DLC staff to students during the COVID-19 shutdown.