Director's Message
Mark Twain once said, “Out of the public schools grows the greatness of a nation.” To that extent, Cooperative Educational Services (C.E.S.) Special Education is a public school option for families and children with special needs in Fairfield County, Conn. Located in Trumbull, our school-based programs are designed to meet the educational challenges of students with developmental and emotional disabilities.
In cooperation with local public school districts, our dedicated special education staff provides individualized instruction designed to meet the diverse cognitive, academic, and social/emotional needs of our students with the goal of assuring that each of our students receives a meaningful educational experience. We also provide for a wide-range of highly specialized services that support the locally provided educational program of students including: behavioral and psychological services, speech and language therapy, occupational and physical therapies, audiological services, transition services, and assistive technology evaluations and consultation.
In addition, we offer extensive professional development and learning opportunities throughout the region for educators and families alike. We look forward to working with you in meeting your child’s educational needs and hope that you find our website informative.





Dr. Michael Regan
Director of Special Education
[email protected]