Professional Supervision Training for Supervisors of School Psychological Services

The goal of the Center for Clinical Excellence is to establish Mutli-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) addressing the professional supervision of practices that permeate all aspects of service delivery, student-level services, and systems-level services.
Professional Supervision as Leadership
  • Importance of having a vision for systems change and using professional supervision to advance a strategic plan for that vision.
  • Necessity for activities across Multi-Tiered Systems of Support (MTSS) — i.e., student-level and systems-level services.
  • Using professional supervision to build capacity within the district.
  • Using professional supervision to expand roles and support systems change.
Professional Supervision as a Developmental Process
  • Professional vs. administrative supervision.
  • Professional supervision vs. evaluation.
  • Negotiating conflicts inherent in these roles.
  • Formats for supervision (e.g., individual supervision, learning communities, peer supervision, group supervision).
  • Supervision looks different depending on the developmental level of the supervisee.
  • How to offer professional supervision in areas where the supervisee is more expert than the supervisor.
  • Supervision for the supervisor.
Professional Supervision of Data-Based Decision Making and Accountability
  • Professional supervision of data-based decision making at each level of a MTSS.
  • Professional supervision of:
  • Evaluation reports.
  • Ethical and legal issues.
  • Use of progress monitoring data to guide interventions.
  • SRBI implementation.