Special Education
Our Special Education programs are designed to meet the needs of a variety of learners, at all stages of development, with the goal of successfully integrating students back to their home districts and communities. Students enroll at CES through their home districts via a planning and placement team. Our programs can begin with students in our Preschool/Primary Learning Center, Developmental Learning Center, Transition Learning Center, or Therapeutic Day Program. RISE is a community-based transition program for students ages 18-21 and operates in partnership with Sacred Heart University.
In addition to these full-day school programs, we offer districts support by providing audiological services, assistive technology consultations and evaluations, professional development and staff support, district program assessments and reviews, and other services as needed.
I became Director of Special Education at CES in July 2019 and am delighted to join a team of dedicated and professional educators. My previous work as an educator in Bridgeport, Norwalk, and Trumbull brought me in contact with many of the programs and services that I am now proud to lead.
Our programs
Our Special Education Division offers a variety of specialized services for students with significant disabilities. These programs provide both school-based centers for students 3-21 years of age with developmental and emotional disabilities. The Division is also responsive to district needs for program development.
Our Special Education Programs include:
Preschool-Primary Learning Center (PLC)
PLC offers a special education program alternative for students 3-12 years of age who fall within the Autism Spectrum Disorder continuum.
Developmental Learning Center (DLC)
DLC is an intensive special education program for students 12-21 years of age with significant developmental disabilities such as autism, neurological impairments, pervasive developmental disorders and intellectual disorders with and without challenging behaviors.
The Transition Learning Center is a regional special education program for students aged 18-21 with developmental disabilities, including Autism Spectrum Disorders and Intellectual Disabilities.
Reaching Independence through Supported Education (RISE) Transition Program
RISE is a regional special education program for students with limited cognitive functioning, aged 18-21 years, located on the Sacred Heart University campus.
Therapeutic Day Program (TDP)
TDP is a regional special education programs for student in grade K-12 who present with a variety of significant behavioral and emotional disabilities.