We hope you enjoy a wonderful summer!
Click on the grades below to find supply lists reading and math material for the grade level your child is ENTERING in 2021-22. The list will be updated as files are added:

* In order to ensure safety and cleanliness in the school environment in these times of COVID 19, students will have individualized supplies this school year.  Supplies will not be shared.  Each child will keep their own belongings and supplies in their backpacks.  
Supply lists are below for each grade.  Again, all supplies are individual and will be for your child's use only.  Your child will keep all of their materials in their backpack throughout the school day.  
Please be sure your child brings a backpack with all supplies to and from school each day.
Supply lists below updated July 14, 2021 
Transportation contacts:
Bridgeport: Board of Education 203-275-1020; Dispatch 203-883-8081
Fairfield: Board of Education 203-255-8385; Dispatch 203-255-4576
Monroe: Dispatch 203-261-2691
Stratford: Dispatch 203-883-8081
Trumbull: Board of Education 203-452-8321; Dispatch 203-880-5700