Juan Esteva, Nicole Zgradden, and Danielle McMahon
Kindergarten introduces children and parents to the public school experience and sets the tone for all future learning. Our kindergarten program encourages a positive self-image by providing age and developmentally appropriate learning experiences. Kindergarteners are socially and emotionally supported to move into a wider world by balancing their desire for independence with their need for structure and routine. Our program is a full-day program from 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Families may enroll in our fee-based before school and/or afterschool programs.
Language Arts
Students are introduced letters and sounds to prepare them for learning to read. Concepts of print show students the structure and organization of books and writing. Phonemic Awareness helps students to identify sounds with letters and words that rhyme. Comprehension skills are enhanced by retelling stories and paired/shared reading of simple text. Students are encouraged to make connections between what they read or hear and their experiences. Writing begins with printing upper and lower case letters and simple words.
Our program is based on Math Investigations which allow students to develop mathematical reasoning and use communication in small groups and individually to build skills. Students use counters, unit blocks, geometric shapes, measurement tools to sort and identify patters and attributes. Students learn to count and write numbers as well as do simple addition and subtraction.
Science is taught so that children will develop a sense of wonder about the natural world around them. The skills of observation, description, measurement, and communication are developed through our inquiry-based program. Kindergarten focuses on living organisms, weather/seasons, and magnets. Our classrooms offer a rich variety of materials from which children ask questions, make predictions, design experiments and answer their own questions by careful observation and measurement.
Social Studies
Our social studies program focused on the role of family, neighborhood, and community. Students learn about the diverse cultures that make up our school. Children discover how families are alike and different as well as how communities, like their school, are organized. Children learn that rules can help people to live together and how to resolve conflicts.
Weekly Specials
Students participate in weekly instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library Media, and Spanish.