Grade 3
Megan Esteva and Alicia Lombard
Language Arts
Third grade continues to develop independent reading and writing, involving students in stories, poems, and non-fiction works. Our school uses the readers and writers workshop model to instruct our students as independent learners focused on reading and responding to literature, communicating with others, and understanding English language conventions. Our program emphasizes a balanced approach and includes interactive read aloud, shared reading, guided reading, independent reading, word study, literature study, writers' workshop, and independent writing.
Our program is based on Math Investigations, which allow students to develop their own mathematical reasoning and use their communication skills in small groups. Concepts of time, calendars, money, distance, temperature, predicting the probability of events, and solving word problem extend third-grade math to the "real" world.
Science is taught so children develop a sense of wonder about the natural world around them. This includes a focus on properties of matter, animal adaptations and rock and minerals in the third-grade curriculum. The skills of observation, description, measurement, and communication are developed through our inquiry based program. Our classrooms offer a rich variety of materials from which children ask questions, make predictions, design experiments, and answer their questions by careful observation and measurement.
Social Studies
Our social studies program focuses on the role of Native Americans and early colonial life. Students compare and contrast the seven continents that make up our world. Cardinal points and map reading skills are taught so children can discover their place in our world.
Weekly Specials
Students in third grade participate in weekly instruction in Art, Music, Physical Education, Library Media, and Spanish. Students also have the option to participate in Chorus. The Physical Education curriculum at this grade level includes swimming.