School Planning, Enrollment, and Redistricting Services
CES offers school enrollment analysis and school redistricting services for districts!
Our consultants, Michael Zuba and Rebecca Augur, utilize population and growth forecasting in combination with state-of-the-art computerized data analysis to meet a variety of needs including long-range facility planning and school redistricting for several schools and districts throughout Connecticut.
Factors in School Planning
  • Population projection is central to our forecasting activities. We use computational techniques such as the cohort survival method, which is widely employed by the State Department of Education for short-term school projections. In addition, land use and economic-based techniques are used in some projects.
  • Residential development findings are applied to the school planning process. Build-out and growth forecasts, incorporating existing zoning and environmental constraints, provide essential information for policy-making and are a standard element of our municipal development plans. Development analysis and age cohort forecasting supply a wide range of community data.
  • Geographic Information System (GIS) software enables us to conduct comprehensive geodemographic analysis. The extraction and projection of demographic information within school districts or other user-identified boundaries afford quick, cost-efficient computational capability. We can address-match school locations, new births and the existing school population, which allow easy relational analysis among designated variables.
Available Services
  • School redistricting
  • Population and growth forecasting
  • Computerized data analysis
  • GIS technology analysis
  • Address matching
  • District mapping
  • Student enrollment analysis
  • Student distribution analysis
  • School capacity analysis
  • Relational analysis
  • Land use and economic analysis
  • Site selection analysis
  • Long range facility planning
  • Citizen engagement, community education and notification analysis
  • Potential residential development analysis
About Our Consultants
  • Michael Zuba, AICP, specializes in planning assignments focused on utilizing GIS for enrollment projections, demographic analysis, school facility planning, land use, community and economic development, and other studies. His experience includes facilitating public meetings and workshops for school redistricting and facility planning. He also assumes the primary responsibility of Geographic Information System management and implementation of the firm. This responsibility includes data development, database design, application development, data modeling, spatial and overlay analysis, and cartographic design.
  • Rebecca Augur, AICP, serves as a senior planner and offers diverse experience in planning at the regional and municipal level. Her technical skills in zoning regulation development and GIS enhance the capabilities of the firm's Planning Group. She is experienced in a variety of school planning areas from comprehensive enrollment analyses and projections, to redistricting, racial balancing, and long-range facilities plans. Her training and experience as a regional and municipal planner contribute to her deep understanding of the complex demographic, housing, and social factors influencing school enrollments, as well as her ability to facilitate the public planning process.
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Dr. Charles Dumais
Executive Director