About Fingerprinting

  • If you are feeling sick in any way, please stay home. You can cancel and or reschedule your appointment by calling 203-365-8925 or emailing 
  • You must wear a mask or other face-covering (not provided)
  • No more than two people, including the Fingerprint Specialist, will be allowed in the fingerprinting office, so we ask that you please come alone. Any guests accompanying you, including children, must wait outside of the building and also wear a face-covering.
  • Upon arrival you must call 203-365-8925 to check in and wait in your vehicle until you are called in for your appointment.
  • You need to provide a valid government issued ID and payment on a clipboard provided by our front desk staff. 
  • The Fingerprint Specialist will retrieve the clipboard and escort you to the fingerprinting office when ready.
  • After you have been fingerprinted and payment has been processed, the fingerprint specialist will hand you any necessary documentation and escort you back to the main lobby.
  • Clipboards and The LiveScan fingerprinting device will be cleaned and disinfected before and after every use.
In Connecticut, all newly hired employees of school districts must be fingerprinted for state and national criminal history records checks within (90) ninety days from the date such worker begins to perform such service. No candidate shall be fingerprinted without a signed referral form from a Criminal History Record Information (CHRI) approved Board of Education (BOE), Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or Regional Education Service Center (RESC).
What to bring to your Fingerprint appointment
  • A face mask.
  • A valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license, passport, etc.).
  • Payment: A certified bank check or money order made payable to C.E.S. (No personal checks or cash accepted).
What is the cost for Fingerprinting?
The cost for fingerprinting varies:
    Student Teachers or students enrolled in teaching placement programs. Please bring your
    Student Teacher Enrollment Confirmation Form to your fingerprint appointment.*

   Beginning December 1, 2019 all CT State and administrative processing fees ONLY will be
   waived for student teachers. The $13.25 Federal fee still applies.  All student teachers must
   complete the form listed below and hand it in to their employer going forward. This form is
   necessary to implement the student teacher waiver and/or refund and should be submitted
   by the employer to the SPBI. All student teachers must be submitted under NCPA/VCA or
   NCPA/VCA Volunteer only. The waiver will not be extended to student teachers who are
   fingerprinted under the AWA. The waiver form will be required for state and federal auditing




   CGS 10-212 Nurse: 
   Appointed or contracted school nurses of nurse practitioners
   CGC 10-221d: 
   Individuals who are employed by a local or regional board of education (BOE). This
   includes substitute teachers and school nurses or nurse practitioners who are hired by the
   Individuals employed by, under consideration for employment by, or in a paid position in
   which he/she will work with or around children in the elementary or secondary school or
   agency; this includes student teachers, interns, nursing students, public assistance
   employment applicants, and contracted workers who are paid. Individuals who work
   exclusively with preschool children must be fingerprinted under NCPA/VCA
   AWA Volunteer: 
   Individuals in an unpaid position in which he/she will work with or around children in the 
   elementary or secondary school or agency; this includes interns, nursing students, public
   assistance employment applicants, and contracted workers who are NOT paid. Individuals
   who work exclusively with preschool children must be fingerprinted under NCPA/VCA.
   Individuals in a paid position that may have unsupervised access to or provide treatment,
   education, training instruction, supervision, or recreation to children, the elderly, or the
   disabled and are not required or cannot be fingerprinted under a state law. 
   NCPA/VCA Volunteer: 
   Individuals in an unpaid position that may have unsupervised access to or provide treatment,
   education, training, instruction, supervision, or recreation to children, the elderly, or the
   disabled and are not required or cannot be fingerprinted under a state law. 



If an individual presents CHRI forms for more than one local or regional board of education (BOE) or Charter, State, Endowed, Private School or RESC at the time of the appointment, in addition to the above fees, the applicant must pay the full fee for each CHRI form.

What you will receive after Fingerprinting

A receipt of payment

Scheduling an Appointment
  • Fingerprinting is done by appointment only. The name of the person on the schedule must be the person present for the appointment.
  • Our Fingerprinting Services location is: C.E.S. Central Offices, 40 Lindeman Drive, Trumbull, CT 06611 map 
  • For customer support, please call (203) 365-8925 or email 
  • Fingerprinting appointments are scheduled: Wednesdays from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m and can take up to 20 minutes.
  • Make sure to complete our Fingerprinting Application provided in your confirmation email. ASAP. Failure to do so will result in appointment cancellation.
  • Emergency closings, cancellations and inclement weather, please call 203-365-8848 and listen to a recorded message.
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