About Fingerprinting


In Connecticut, all newly hired employees of school districts must be fingerprinted for state and national criminal history records checks within (90) ninety days from the date such worker begins to perform such service. 
All applicants must register with the CCHRS program prior to your appointment.  C.E.S. will be charging a $41.75 service fee at the time of your appointment. 
The website to the CCHRS for pre-enrollment is: CCHRS PreEnrollment
Your employer must provide you with their agency/district Service Code, in order for you to pre-enroll and receive an Applicant Tracking Number and Barcode, which is required for fingerprinting. 

Fingerprinting service appointments are available during the times listed below, at the C.E.S. Main Offices building at:
40 Lindeman Drive 
Trumbull, CT 06611
Service Hours:
Wednesdays: 9:00am - 3:30pm

C.E.S. has implemented the new State of Connecticut Criminal History Request System. All applicants must register with the CCHRS program prior to your appointment. No candidate shall be fingerprinted without a Pre-Enrollment Transaction number.
Please bring the following:
  1. Applicant Tracking Number/Barcode Page
  2. A valid government-issued photo ID (i.e. driver's license or passport)
  3. Payment: Certified check or money order in the amount of $41.75 made payable to C.E.S. (No cash, credit/debit cards or personal checks accepted)
  4. Masks are now optional for visitors

Fingerprinting costs depend on your certification status and if you are working for a local BOE or RESC. State and FBI fees will be paid online on the CCHRS website.
C.E.S. will be charging a $41.75 service fee at the time of your appointment.

We accept certified bank checks or money orders made payable to C.E.S. We DO NOT accept cash, debit/credit cards or personal checks.


Do I need a copy of my fingerprints?
No. You do not need a copy of your fingerprints as they are sent electronically through the LiveScan system.

Can I reuse/forward my fingerprints if I have had them taken recently?
No. You cannot reuse or forward your prints for any other school district or job.  You will need to be fingerprinted for each employer that requires fingerprinting.
Where do I get my Service Code?
Please contact your employer or Board of Education (school/district) to obtain your service code.  Without the service code you will not be able to pre-enroll or be fingerprinted.
Do I need to pre-enroll prior to my appointment?
Yes. You will need to pre-enroll prior to your appointment.  Failure to do so will cause scheduling delays or appointment rescheduling/cancelation. 
How do I make an appointment to be fingerprinted at C.E.S.
For Fingerprinting Appointments visit: C.E.S. Fingerprinting Schedule

How do I cancel/reschedule an appointment to be fingerprinted at C.E.S.
To cancel/reschedule your appointment, click on the cancel/reschedule appointment link found in your inital confirmation email.  Once cancelled/rescheduled, please email fingerprinting@cestrumbull.org to notify the Fingerprinting Dept of your appointment status.
Do I need to pay the pre-enrollment fee before I can receive my Applicant Tracking Number?
Yes. You will not receive your Applicant Tracking Number until you have paid the State and FBI fee at the end of your online enrollment. 

How long is the fingerprinting process the day of my appointment?
Fingerprinting services appointments may take up to 15 minutes.  
Can I pay for my fingerprints by debit/credit or cash?
No. Our acceptable forms of payment are either Certified bank check or Money order made payable to C.E.S. We DO NOT accept cash, debit/credit or personal checks. 
Who gets my results and when?
The results are sent directly to each school by the Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection (DESPP). As the results are sent by the DESPP, C.E.S. cannot view the results or confirm the timeline for delivery of the results. 
I would like to apply to multiple schools. What is the process?
You will need a service code for each district that you need to be fingerprinted for. You will need to pre-enroll for each district and be fingerprinted for each district.
Will I receive a receipt of payment for the C.E.S. agency fee?
Yes. You will receive an electronic receipt of payment for the C.E.S. agency fee of $41.75 by email.  This receipt is NOT  record that you have been fingerprinted. 
How can I check to see if C.E.S. fingerprinting services is open during inclement weather?
In the case of inclement weather, please check the website homepage for office/program closures. Or call 203-365-8848 and listen to a recorded message.  You will also be contacted by email if your appointment is canceled due to weather.

Who do I contact for questions on my results?
For questions regarding your fingerprint results, please visit the State Police Bureau of Identification at 1111 Country Club Road, Middletown, CT 06457 or call 1-860-685-8480

Where can I find the FBI Privacy Act Statement?
For information regarding the FBI Privacy Act Statement, click here: FBI Privacy Act Statement



For a list of all other State of Connecticut FBI CJIS Security policies pertinent to CHRI (Criminal History Record Information), visit www.fbi.gov