The professionalism, thoroughness and support we received from our consultants through the entire search process truly exceeded our board’s expectations.”
Samantha Mannion, New Fairfield Board of Education (June 2022)
"Selecting a new superintendent is one of the most important tasks a Board of Education will undertake. Executive Searches at CES provided us with extensive support and services, allowing us to create a Leadership Profile to guide our work and garner a great pool of candidates. The consultants were easy to work with. Their experience and guidance helped us confidently navigate the process and their calm demeanor put us at ease during what can be a stressful experience."
Susan Glennon, Milford Board of Education (July 2018)
“The consultants were professionals and a pleasure to work with throughout the process. Their background and experience in superintendent searches helped our Board work through some difficult discussions and decisions.”
Middletown Board of Education (September 2017)
"CES's consultant took care of all the details of posting the position and screening applicants. More importantly, at each stage of the process, it was clear that the decisions on matching candidates to our requirements, who to invite for interviews, and the questions to ask, were ours. We highly recommend CES for any board embarking on a similar quest for an administrator."
Steve Buck, Salem Board of Education Chairman
 "Whenever I hear community members say that the board of education could have done the hiring 'on our own', I immediately respond that there is no way the nine of us have the experience or expertise that the [CES consultants] brought to the table. I believe the relatively small investment we made in hiring CES Executive Searches will pay for Avon Public Schools and the entire Avon community for years to come."
Peggy Roell, Avon Board of Education Chair
"Transition is always difficult with one foot in and one foot out of the two districts. I think the CES consultants were extremely helpful and were there to address any questions during the interviews and during that interim period." 
Dr. Patricia Charles, Middletown Superintendent of Schools
"Hiring CES to do the search for the building level principal produced a much deeper pool of candidates. It increased the reach and increased the confidentiality."
Dr. Colleen Palmer, Weston Superintendent of Schools
"You really listened to our needs and attracted some very strong candidates. We would not have found [our principal] without you. As you know, this hire is critical to our district’s success and you hit a home run in recruiting her."
Deborah Low, Ridgefield Superintendent of Schools
"I was aware of the Plainville position on my own, but as soon as I expressed an interest Jim and Tom were in touch often and were always helpful. The honesty with which they approached the search process was refreshing. Most impressive was the follow-up that continued well after I was selected. They checked in and offered support a number of times after I was on the job."
Jeff Kitching, Plainville Superintendent of Schools