CES Executive Searches Team
Our Executive Searches team guides your district through a comprehensive process to find the best candidate. Strict confidentiality during the application process, a comprehensive publicity plan to attract a strong pool of candidates, and a complete evaluation and transition training will ensure a successful placement. When you choose CES to facilitate executive searches, you hire experienced professionals with the full resources of CES.
Dr. Charles Dumais, Executive Director / dumaisc@cestrumbull.org

 Dr. Charles Dumais joined CES in 2018. Prior to that, he served as the Superintendent   of Amity Regional School District. Dumais, who has Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees   in Physics, has chaired a science department, served as an assistant principal in   Westport, and was Newtown High School’s principal. He co-chairs the Technology   Committee of the Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendents, serves as   a superintendent consultant to the Connecticut Association of Schools Board of   Directors, and is an active member of several regional and national organizations, including the Connecticut Commission for Educational Technology. He oversees the CES team and the induction/entry plan for all newly hired administrators.  He also ensures complete client satisfaction through feedback and evaluation.

Executive Searches Support Team

David B. Erwin, Consultant / erwin@edadvance.org
 David B. Erwin has been working with CES since 2020 and has been superintendent   of schools in several Connecticut districts over a 25-year span. He has a Bachelor’s in   Elementary Education and a Master’s in Special Education. He has also served as an   assistant superintendent, a middle school assistant principal and principal, and c   classroom teacher. He remains actively involved in state and national education   organizations, serves as coordinator of the RESC Alliance, and has been an adjunct   professor at Sacred Heart University teaching in the Administrative Preparation   Program and Superintendent Preparation Program. He is also a trained administrator coach who works with newly hired superintendents.
Christopher La Belle, Associate Executive Director / labellec@cestrumbull.org
 Christopher La Belle joined CES in 2005. He has nearly 25 years of educational   experience, including nine years as an urban elementary school principal in   Connecticut. La Belle was the 2009 Magnet Schools of America Northeast Regional   Principal of the Year. He is a veteran of the U.S. Army where he served as a military   police officer. He holds a degree in Journalism and has worked professionally in   public and community relations for one of Connecticut’s largest hospitals. La Belle   has an active role in building-level administrative searches and participating in   community focus groups for superintendent searches.
Annette Cosme, Executive Assistant
Annette Cosme started at CES in 2013 and recently became Charles Dumais executive assistant in 2023. At CES, she provides full administrative support during the search process, from initial communication with the district board of education until a final candidate is selected and formally hired
Alison Karpowich, PR and Marketing Specialist 
Alison Karpowich just joined CES in 2023 as the new PR and Marketing Specialist. Karpowich just graduated magna cum laude from Marist College with a degree in Communications concentrating in Public Relations and Journalism and a minor in theater.