Logo for Executive Searches
CES offers Connecticut school districts a search service for hiring superintendents, assistant superintendents and central office staff. It is the only one of six regional educational service centers (RESCs) in Connecticut that offers executive search services. Our goal is to provide school districts with exceptional services and be on the cutting edge of reform.
At CES, we know that selecting a superintendent is one of the most important responsibilities a Board of Education undertakes. For this reason, we offer a comprehensive approach to executive searches.
It is imperative that a Board of Education select a qualified candidate who will lead the district and work well with the board, the district staff, and the community. Likewise, we know that selecting the right person to lead a district or school makes a tremendous difference for a school system.
Our superintendent, administrator, and central office staff searches are distinguished by our approach, our resources, and our commitment to service from beginning through transition with a new administrator.