Expectations and Coursework
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A student's day at RCA
Students attend RCA Monday through Thursday from 1:30-4:45 p.m.  RCA students report to their district high school each morning to attend core classes. They're bused to RCA at 23 Oakview Drive in Trumbull to earn the equivalent of two (2) elective courses per year.
What do we expect our students to know and be able to do as a result of attending RCA?
At RCA, our faculty of experienced performers and technical arts specialists teach specific skills that will help students pursue their passion in the performing arts. Classwork combines academic learning, physical learning and practicum.
Performances are an important part of the RCA experience. Some performances serve as a showcase for all students in a class, while others are by audition. Auditions are open regardless of experience level and no student is guaranteed a role in any production. We encourage interested students to audition for a performance because the act of auditioning makes a better performer.
Development of Professional Attitudes and Skills
Whether or not our students choose to pursue post-secondary education in the performing arts, we endeavor to teach them important attitudes and skills that will be of value to them in the future. These attitudes and skills include the ability to set a meaningful goal, develop the patience and persistence necessary to pursue that goal, and the willingness to give and accept constructive criticism to improve performance. We give students the opportunity to learn how to accept positive developments or setbacks with grace. We also work with students to develop, confidence, self esteem, creativity, and the ability to interact with others and work as a team.