Winter/Spring 2021 Workshops 

The Professional Development Services team at CES is pleased to offer three virtual series that focus on diversity, equity and inclusion. Each is a multi-workshop series presented by a special guest to give educators the tools needed to create educational environments that foster those key principles.
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Seth Wallace is a licensed clinical social worker in the Yale Mental Health and Counseling Center and the Assistant Director of the Yale LGBTQ Resource Center.
Seth Wallace will lead a 3-part series examining the issues that LGBTQIA members of our learning communities face. Expand your knowledge, vocabulary and classroom practices to create more inclusive learning environments and break through barriers. Learn to address the challenges of implementation and practice adopting a critical lens through which to continually review and examine curriculum, resources, policies, and interactions.
All webinars will be 2:00-3:30 p.m.

Session 1 – Feb. 11
A call to action! Seth will cover pronouns and terminology and guide an examination of health and educational disparities to frame our mission for engaging in this work.
Session 2 – March 4
A trauma-informed approach to setting short-, medium- and long-term goals and action plans for teams to build inclusive learning environments and workplaces in a comprehensive way.
Session 3 – March 18
Focus on solidifying plans so the work is sustainable and momentum continues after the workshop series ends. Participants will complete this series as a community of changemakers who support one another across school communities.
Cost: $175 per person  /  Cap: 30 people
Dr. Femi Skanes is a passionate leader who has served as a classroom teacher, literacy coach, reading department chair, assistant principal, and principal. With almost 10 years of experience as a high school principal in Chicago, Dr. Skanes is well known for her commitment to revitalizing schools by fostering positive community relationships. She was a 2016 Cahn Distinguished Principal Fellow and currently an advisor to new fellows. 

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Dr. Femi Skanes will offer a 4-part series unpacking the 4C Equity Framework with the intention of fostering equitable changes in school or district policy, practice, and curriculum. District teams (at least 3 people per team, preferably from a variety of roles) will learn how to examine systems for inequities and adopt equitable practices and strategies. The team will take away essential guiding questions that can be used for examination as they work toward building a long-term equity plan.
All sessions offered on Zoom / 3:30-5:30 p.m.

Session 1 – Feb. 23
Courage: Explore personal bias, conduct both an organizational equity and team efficacy audit, and analyze systems of support for this work in their learning communities.
Session 2 – March 23
Communication: Learn an equity approach to data analysis, communication protocols for healthy discourse, and how to conduct an equity gap analysis and develop equity commitment statements.
Session 3 – April 20
Curriculum/Creativity: Learn how to conduct a curriculum audit, practice a planning template for equity analysis, and work on an equity plan for curriculum, instruction, and assessment.
Session 4 – May 18
4C practices: Develop Equity Improvement Plans.
Cost: $200/person; minimum 3-person team per school or district
Cap: 25 participants

Fostering Cultural Humility in Ourselves and Our Students

Michele Stewart-Copes is CEO of SEET Consultants, LLC, System for Education Equity & Transition and a national consultant and trainer in System of Care and cultural and linguistic competency coaching. She developed and managed the nation’s first and highly successful wraparound effort within an inner city area, focused on Puerto Rican and African American neighborhoods in Hartford, Conn. She has provided wraparound training, certification and coaching in 20 states and Canada. As Adjunct Professor, she taught the Cultural Competency class in the Master of Public Health Program at Southern Connecticut State University for 10 years.
Michele Stewart-Copes will host a 5-part workshop focused on implicit bias, cultural humility, and anti-bias training. The goal of this workshop series is to continue the process of becoming an anti-racist educator and the application of the CLAS Standards to building DEI policies and implementation plans for your learning community.
All sessions are 10 a.m. until noon.
Cost is $225.
Sessions 1-2 – March 4 and 11
Focus on the examination, knowledge and awareness of the impact of implicit bias and cultural humility and the resulting effects on personal and professional interactions. Communication skills will be promoted to build cross-dialogue and cross-cultural skills and understanding.
Sessions 3-4 – April 8 and 29
Address self-assessment and self-improvement. Individuals will be encouraged to examine personal biases, assumptions and stereotypes, to enable courageous conversations regarding cultural differences and historical racial perspectives. Organizational potential will also be evaluated for adherence to the National CLAS Standards, (Culturally & Linguistically Appropriate Services) standards. An internal examination of issues and needs will be conducted to create an inclusive workplace and learning environment.
Session 5 – May 13
Facilitates a deeper self-examination of biased behavior and individuals will be able to apply cross-cultural learning to school relationships and teaching. Individuals will learn strategies to curb prejudicial responses and oppose racist social norms. The appreciation and importance of opposing racism and not simply inhibiting its expression will prompt equitable behavior and inclusion.