System for Educator Evaluation and Development (SEED)
CES Professional Development Services is offering comprehensive multi-day training sessions on administrator and teacher evaluation components in the System for Educator Evaluation and Development (SEED) model. The primary goal of SEED is to strengthen individual and collective practices to increase student learning and development. For more information, contact PDS Director Dr. Lori Elliott at 203-365-8850

There is flexibility in how districts develop their plans but there are key features that must be in place in order to be in compliance with the CSDE expectations:

• District evaluation and support plans/revisions must be approved by the state annually. 
• Teacher Evaluations must be on a Four Level Matrix Rating System
• The district must provide evaluation-based professional learning to address needs identified through the evaluation process
• Districts must create and adhere to individual teacher improvement and remediation plans for teachers who are rated 'below standard'
• Districts must provide opportunities for career growth and professional development based on performance ratings
• An annual orientation program is available to teachers and provided by CES
• Districts must define effectiveness and ineffectiveness using a summative rating derived from the new system

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