Professional Development Services Staff

Cyndi Adams

Teaching and Learning Specialist

Audrey Barbarotta

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Clement

Early Childhood Administrator

Kasey Dunn

Teaching & Learning Specialist

Lori Elliott


Luke Forshaw

Director of Professional Development Services

Laurie Franzino

Early Childhood Teaching and Learning Specialist

Kerrie Harrigan

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Christina Lye

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Jillian Moccia

Early Childhood & Special Education Teaching & Learning Specialist

Liz Parmelee

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Tomie Rumas

Administrative Secretary, Workshop Coordinator

Professional Development Services Project Consultants

Arlene Gottesman,
Administrator Aspirant Program

Pat Colello,
New Administrator Induction Program & Mentor Training

Esther Bobowick,
SEL & Minority Teacher Recruitment