Professional Development Services Staff

Audrey Barbarotta

Administrative Assistant

Suzanne Clement

Early Childhood Administrator

Kasey Dunn

Teaching & Learning Specialist

Lori Elliott

Director of Professional Development Services

Kerrie Harrigan

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Cheryl Kerison

Coordinator of Culturally Responsive Practices & STEM Specialist

Christina Lye

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Jillian Moccia

Early Childhood & Special Education Teaching & Learning Specialist

Liz Parmelee

Early Childhood Teaching & Learning Specialist

Tomie Rumas

Administrative Secretary, Workshop Coordinator

Professional Development Services Project Consultants

George Coleman,
Minority Teacher Recruitment

Lyn Nevins,
Teacher Education and Mentoring (TEAM)

Arlene Gottesman,
Administrator Aspirant Program

Pat Colello,
New Administrator Induction Program & Mentor Training

Esther Bobowick,
SEL & Minority Teacher Recruitment