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C.E.S. Policies

All of Cooperative Educational Services' policies can be review in the following PDF document:

Policy 1.001 Adoption and Revision of Personnel Policies and Procedures

Policy 1.002 Employee Handbooks

Policy 1.003 Public Relations

Policy 1.004 School Volunteers

Policy 2.001 Affirmative Action and EEO

Policy 2.002 Formalization of Hiring Authority

Policy 2.003 Creation of New Positions

Policy 2.004 Position Descriptions

Policy 2.005 Certification and Minimum Requirements

Policy 2.006 Assignment of Personnel

Policy 2.007 Probationary Period – Non Certified Personnel

Policy 2.008 Employment Classifications Policy

Policy 2.009 Substitutes

Policy 2.010 Employment of Relatives

Policy 2.011 Conflict of Interest

Policy 2.012 Pre-Employment Physical Examinations

Policy 2.013 Personnel Reduction

Policy 2.014 Promotion

Policy 2.015 Professional Development

Policy 2.016 Security Check/Fingerprinting

Policy 2.018 Teacher Education and Mentoring Program (TEAM)

Policy 2.019 Evaluation for Certified Personnel

Policy 2.020 Evaluation for Non Certified Employees

Policy 2.021 Personnel Records

Policy 3.001 Non-Discrimination

Policy 3.001a Workplace Problem Resolution

Policy 3.002 Sexual Harassment

Policy 3.003 Grievance

Policy 3.004 Substance Abuse Prevention-Drug Testing Policy

Policy 3.005 Disciplinary Action - Certified Personnel

Policy 3.006 Disciplinary Action - Non Certified Personnel

Policy 3.007 Voluntary Termination of Employment

Policy 3.008 Employee Attendance

Policy 3.009 Closing of C.E.S. Due to Inclement Weather or Other Emergencies

Policy 3.010 Reporting Injuries

Policy 3.011 Confidentiality of Information

Policy 3.012 Use of the C.E.S. Mailing List

Policy 3.013 Use of C.E.S. Equipment, Supplies and Services

Policy 3.014 Use of Personal Vehicle to Transport Students

Policy 3.015A Personal Visitors - Mail Procedure

Policy 3.016 Dress

Policy 3.017 Smoking

Policy 3.018 Professional Responsibilities - Certified Personnel

Policy 3.019 Academic Freedom - Certified Personnel

Policy 3.020 Outside Employment

Policy 3.021 Consulting

Policy 3.022 Infectious Disease Exposure Control

Policy 3.023 Use of E-Mail and Electronic Communication

Policy 3.025 Pesticide Management

Policy 3.024 Code of Ethics

Policy 4.001 Compensation Policy

Policy 4.002 Issuance of Initial Contracts and Annual Salary Notices

Policy 4.003 Annual Wage or Salary Increase

Policy 4.004 Salary Increases Awarding of Advanced Degrees - Certified Staff

Policy 4.006 Overtime Pay

Policy 4.007 Work Days and Hours

Policy 4.008 Tuition Reimbursement Non-Certified Personnel

Policy 5.001 Holidays

Policy 5.002 Vacation

Policy 5.003 Personal Business Days

Policy 5.004 Bereavement Leave (Administrators and Non Certified Employees)

Policy 5.005 Leave without Pay Days

Policy 5.006 Leave of Absence for Personal Reasons

Policy 5.006.1 Family Leave

Policy 5.006.1A Family Leave Procedures

Policy 5.007 Jury Duty

Policy 5.008 Military Leave

Policy 5.009 Conference Leave and Travel Reimbursement

Policy 5.010 Sick Leave

Policy 5.011 Short-Term and Long-Term Disability Insurance

Policy 5.012 Workers' Compensation

Policy 5.013 Health Insurance

Policy 5.014 Death Benefit

Policy 5.015 Supplemental Retirement Annuity Plan

Policy 5.016 Tuition Reimbursement Certified Personnel

Policy 5.017 Tuberculosis Screening for C.E.S. Personnel

Policy 5.018 Acceptable Technology Use Policy and Procedures

Policy 6.001 Confidentiality and Maintenance of Student Records and Student Information

Policy 6.002 Protection of Children from Abuse-Neglect

Policy 6.003 AIDS Instruction

Policy 6.004 School Attendance and Truancy

Policy 6.005 Youth Suicide Prevention and Intervention

Policy 6.006 Chemical Health and Student Substance Abuse

Policy 6.007 Administration of Medication by School Personnel

Policy 6.008 Student Discipline and Dismissal Actions from C.E.S. Programs

Policy 6.009 Equal Education Opportunity

Policy 6.010 Student Sexual Harassment

Policy 6.011 Title IX

Policy 6.012 Student Search and Seizure

Policy 6.013 Behavior Management Strategies including Seclusion Restraint and Exclusionary Time Out

- Preschool/Primary Learning Center (PLC)
- Six to Six Magnet School
- Therapeutic Day Program (TDP)

Policy 6.014 Policy Regarding Psychotropic Drugs by Students

Policy 6.015 Policy on Bullying Behavior

Policy 6.016 Homework

Policy 6.017 Six to Six Family Involvement

Policy 6.018 Policy on the Pledge of Allegiance

Policy 6.019 Policy and Procedures Concerning Parent-Teacher Communication

Policy 6.020 Promotion-Retention

Policy 6.021 Use of Video for Instruction-Reinforcement

Policy 6.022 Research Regarding Students

Policy 6.023 Policy Concerning Smoking-Tobacco Use

Policy 6.024 Student Survey Rights

Policy 6.025 Use of Student-Owned Cellular Telephones and Electronic Devices

Policy 6.026 Participation in SBAC and CMT by C.E.S. Students

Policy 6.027 Parent Involvement (Six to Six)

Policy 6.028 Homeless Students

Policy 6.029 Police Involvement

Policy 6.030 Student-Staff Non-Fraternization

Policy 6.031 Comprehensive Nutrition and Physical Activity in Schools

Policy 6.032 Tuberculosis Screen for C.E.S. Students

Policy 6.033 Special Education

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