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American Revolution


Autumn is a season.

Autumn is another word for fall.

The weather gets colder.

People need warmer clothes.


During Autumn leaves change color and fall off of trees.

leaves change colors

leaves fallen off trees


trees without leaves


Pine cones fall off of trees.

Pine cones on a tree


Pine cones on the ground.

Birds fly south to warmer places.

Squirrels collect acorns to eat during the winter.

Pumpkins are harvested.

Children go on nature walks. 

Fall Coloring


Computer Math Games for Grade 1



Dewey Decimal System


Geography Five Themes

Hermit Crabs


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Native Americans

Rocks & Minerals


Spring is a season.

It comes after winter.

The weather becomes warmer. People wear light spring jackets.

Flowers and Trees bloom in Spring.

Picture of Daffodils, Spring 2003 - Free Pictures -


Picture of Spring - Free Pictures -

Cherry blossoms

Picture of Tulips - Free Pictures -


Photos © Ian Britton -

Grass grows anew in Spring.

photo courtesy of Prairie Fire Enterprises, LLC

Spring coloring

Spring drag and drop game

United States

Website Evaluation

Do you trust everything you read on the internet?

You better say, "NO!"
There are thousands of websites that contain inaccurate, biased and just plain stupid information.


In this project you are going to learn how to tell if a web site is trustworthy or just a waste of time.


1. Create a short report about the websites listed below. Every person in your group will write their own report but you should share your ideas with each other.
  • Which sites did you visit?
  • Were they trustworthy?
  • How could you tell if they were trustworthy?
2. As a group, create a list of “Trust Tests.”
  • What things should you look for on web pages?
  • What other ways can you tell if a website is trustworthy?

Use the following list of websites for your report:


1. __ReportI visited all the sites and determined which ones were untrustworthy.
2. __Group workWe worked as a team and helped each other determine the “Trust Tests”.
3. __“Trust Tests”I helped create a fairly comprehensive list of tests that I will use in the future.
4. __Group DiscussionI shared my ideas with the rest of the class and added to my list of “Trust Tests”.
5. __Future AssignmentsIn future assignments, I will use the “Trust Tests” to determine reliable internet sources.


Discuss the “Trust Tests” with the rest of your class. Can you add to your list?


Winter is a season.

Winter comes after autumn.  It is cold in winter.

Fun in the snow


Photos courtesy of

Signs of winter


Snowflake photos

Winter online coloring


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