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Message from the Unit Director of Developmental Disabilities

For more than 30 years, we have been providing educational programs and services to the students referred to us from the local public schools. One of our guiding principles has been to keep current with best practice. To that end we provide consistent professional development to ensure our staff is using state of the art teaching strategies. We use teams of professionals to provide intervention (special education teachers, paraprofessionals, and related services personnel) and all receive the same level of support and staff development.

Our approach is developmental, focusing significantly upon social/emotional, communication, language, and behavior. Our students have varied needs that impact all areas of development. Our goal is to teach our students the skills needed to be active successful participants with their family, their school, and their community. We teach within contexts based upon the age of the students. Our infants and toddlers are taught in their homes and childcare facilities. For our primary students, the context is school and classroom and being successful in group and individual activities throughout the school environment. As our students become teenagers, we incorporate community sites into our teaching environments. Our secondary students start to use the skills they have learned and learn new ones needed for success in community work sites.

In addition to our school based programs, we also offer a range of related services (assistive technology, audiology, autism services) to both our in-house students and students in local school districts. Please be sure to check out our services page as you review this website.

Dr. Michael Regan
Director of Special Education

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