Administrator Aspirant

The Administrator Aspirant program is part of the C.E.S. Leadership Institute and is one of its major initiatives to cultivate and build leadership capacity for our schools.

The Administrator Aspirant Program is an excellent opportunity for any teacher with leadership potential. The intent is to expose interested teachers to the variety of administrator roles and leadership skills of administrators, provide opportunities for participants to meet and dialog with outstanding administrator role models and learn “first-hand” by attending seminars and shadowing administrator practitioners in our region.

The seminars are interactive and address school leadership and career options, with reflective follow-up assignments. Each participant will be assigned an administrator mentor(s) with the opportunity to shadow and receive individualized support.

 What Do Participants Say?

    "I thoroughly enjoyed this program. There was great opportunity for networking and Q & A sessions. It was great to learn about other districts and how best to prepare for future admin positions."
      "Most valued PD I have been a part of. Thank you!"
        "This program was inspiring, reassuring and informative. Thank  you."
          "The program was outstanding. All presentations helped me to learn more about myself and grow into the person i am becoming."
            "Thank you for the outstanding experience! The depth and breadth of information, along with the engaging discussions, was encouraging and has me considering a role as an administrator. BRAVO!! You provided an informative, balanced, humorous and active program."
              "The program was an excellent experience from beginning to end. Lots of useful information and opportunities to explore relevant topics related to leadership in a supportive atmosphere. It should be taken by every educational leader. I wish it met monthly. What a worthwhile experience!"

                Who Should Apply?

                • Teachers who are invited by their administrators.
                • Teachers who are drawn to leadership and may be contemplating a career path in school administration but haven’t yet enrolled in a university program.
                • Teachers who are currently enrolled in a university administration program and want additional opportunities to meet and hear from outstanding practitioners from our region.
                • Teachers who may currently hold an administrative certificate but are uncertain about pursuing administration.
                • Click here for the 2018 - 2019 application

                What Can You Expect?

                • Seminars and panels with experienced leaders on the variety of administrator roles.
                • Practical information and skills necessary to prepare for school administration and career change.
                • Opportunity to shadow and work with administrator mentor(s).
                • The overall seminar program will be facilitated by Linda Hartzer.

                What is the Time Commitment?

                • Four days of seminars (August 20 & 24, November 29, 2018, and April 2, 2019).
                • One additional day during the school year to shadow an administrator (date to be determined by mentor and aspirant).

                What is the cost?

                $385 per person for member district participants of The Leadership Institute at Cooperative Educational Services and $425 for non-member district participants. Districts may sponsor all or part of participants’ costs - payment must accompany application. All materials may be duplicated.


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