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Workshop helps schools comply with Times Up

Lyn Nevins led a workshop that will help school districts comply with the state’s new Times Up Act, which requires employers to provide training to employees regarding awareness and prevention of sexual harassment.

Two veterans on the Six to Six staff, Dustin Macuirzynski (Air Force), at left, and Clinton Gholson (Navy).

A group of U.S. military veterans with ties to Six to Six Magnet School visited the school on Monday morning for Veterans Day ceremonies.

Photo of Jessica Sprick

An expert on developing and implementing effective behavioral and academic approaches to reducing chronic absenteeism among students will be the main presenter at a workshop Dec. 3.

Photo of RCA building

For the first time, the Regional Center for the Arts high school will be offering prospective students an opportunity to earn early acceptance to the school for the 2020-21 school year.