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Purchase allows CES to expand, grow
CES has purchased a building at 40 Oakview Drive in Trumbull and will begin moving three Special Educations into the site this summer. The moves allow other programs to consolidate and expand.
New administrators talk about courageous conversations
Members of this year's New Administrator Induction Program met with guest speaker Michele Stewart-Copes to discuss How to Lead Courageous Conversations on Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion with Staff, Families, and Even Other Leaders.
Legislators, school leaders meet
Legislators, school superintendents and school board members from the region gathered this morning at CES for our annual Legislative Breakfast, which allows them all to meet in an informal setting and discuss the important issues they are all dealing with.
Foundation gives awards to TRP pair
The CES Foundation awarded two $3,000 awards to participants in the Connecticut Teacher Residency Program (TRP) to help cover the supplemental costs associated with their efforts to become certified teachers. 
Aspiring school leaders learn from current administrators
Participants in the Administrator Aspirant program continued their exploration of school administration careers during a workshop that featured four current school administrators sitting on a panel to discuss issues that they face and offer advice on handling the role of a school or district leader.