Region 17 Public Schools

Superintendent Search / August 2019

General Survey

Survey Introduction:

The purpose of this survey is to provide the Region 17 Board of Education with a broad perspective of community opinion about the most desirable attributes for a new superintendent of schools. Your responses to the following survey items will enable the Board to create a profile of these attributes that will guide the recruitment and selection of a new superintendent of schools by the Search Committee. (Asterisks denote required fields.)

2. What professional experience should the next superintendent have in his/her background? Check the three most important:

  • Superintendent of Schools
  • School principal
  • Classroom teacher
  • Central office administrator (asst. supt., deputy supt., etc)
  • Central office supervisor (curriculum, personnel, special education, etc.)
  • Other

3. What kind of achievement record or expertise do you believe the new superintendent should be able to demonstrate? Check the five most important:

  • Promoting high levels of student achievement for all students
  • Creating a positive learning environment
  • Improving organizational productivity
  • A record as a highly effective communicator
  • Creating a climate of trust in the school district and community
  • Implementing highly effective professional development
  • Recruitment and retention of high-quality personnel
  • Management of budget and operations
  • Implementing a strategic plan, creating a shared vision
  • Keeping student learning and well-being as the focus of decision-making
  • Commitment to the school district
  • Promoting creativity and innovation
  • Other

5. Given your understanding of he Region 17 Public Schools and the Haddam and Killingworth communities, what are the most significant challenges that will face a new superintendent? Check the five most important:

  • Establishing effective communication procedures
  • Developing and managing school district budgets
  • Negotiations
  • Personnel matters
  • Faculty relations, development and team-building
  • Implementation of a strategic plan
  • Governance and management
  • Addressing student academic achievement gaps
  • Crisis management and building safety
  • Curriculum and instruction
  • Other

6. What three personal characteristics best define your ideal superintendent? Check the three most important:

  • Strong ethical values
  • Good communication skills
  • Friendly, approachable
  • Collaborative
  • Creative problem-solver
  • Politically astute
  • Visible in schools and community
  • Other

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