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Hand Washing

It is the policy of C.E.S. School Readiness that every child washes his or her hands immediately upon entering the classroom in the morning.  Children must wash their hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds (which is the length of time it takes to sing the Happy Birthday song); rinse both hands thoroughly and then dries hands with a clean paper towel.  Finally, use the paper towel to turn off the water supply.

Children also must wash their hands after toileting, after handling body fluids (e.g., blowing or wiping a nose, coughing on a hand, or touching any mucus, blood, or vomit), before meals and snacks, before preparing any food, after playing in the water or sand, and after handling pets.


Toileting training is not required.  Families must provide disposable diapers or pull-ups unless your child has a medical reason that does not permit their use, wipes, and changes of clothing.  All staff follow the precautions for “Universal Precautions” when dealing with any bodily fluids of all children and adults.

Child Restraint Seats

Every child enrolled in our program must be in a proper child restraint.  It’s the Law!  Children 4 years old and younger, weighing 40 pounds or less are required to use a child restraint (car seat) in a motor vehicle.  As of October 1, 2005 children age 7 or younger and weighing 60 pounds or less are required to be in a booster seat.

If someone else is picking up your child, you may leave your child’s car seat or booster seat in our hallway.  We have a loner car seat for use in an emergency.

Any child under the age of 12 years, who is left unattended in a car, is considered abandonment, which is a felony in the State of Connecticut.  DO NOT LEAVE CHILDREN IN CARS UNATTENDED!

Family Involvement

C.E.S. School Readiness Program values the involvement of parents and families in our program.  Family involvement is important to facilitate a smooth transition from home to school for the child.  It is a key component in maintaining our high quality program and enables the family and teachers to work together as a team for the benefit of the child. Families are welcomed to visit the program at any time.  Families are encouraged to participate in the program in a variety of ways, depending on their own interests and time.  The structured ways in which all families may be involved are as follows:

  • All families will observe our program and meet with the director to learn about the program, policies and procedures prior to a child’s admission to C.E.S. School Readiness Program.
  •  Program Evaluation – Each family has an opportunity to evaluate the C.E.S. School Readiness Program by completing a survey annually.
  • Family Advisory Board – All families are invited to join the board.   Members discuss issues relating to curriculum, policies and procedures, field trips, parent advocacy and parenting.

Additional family participation will depend upon individual interests.  The following is a list of possibilities:

  • Volunteer in the classroom
  • Do a special project with the children
  • Attend Back to School Night
  • Attend Evening Bi-annual Curriculum Night
  • Attend a field trip
  • Attend a parent workshop
  • Make items for the classroom
  • Suggest a workshop topic
  • Provide a workshop for staff
  • Read stories on tapes for the children to have in the classroom
  • Eat lunch with the children
  • Invite the children to visit the families’ work site
  • Show the children what they do at work
  • Help with fundraising
  • Share their child’s birthday celebration at the school


Open communication is key to a good relationship between the C.E.S. School Readiness Program and the families we serve.  We are fortunate to be able to communicate with most of our families on a daily basis.  Each child is assigned a mailbox.  Families are informed of field trips, policies or regulatory changes and provided with information on child development and child rearing issues.  The Family Bulletin Board contains information regarding health issues, policies and other pertinent material.  Any decision that concerns a child will be discussed with the parent/family guardian.  Families are encouraged to discuss with the teachers any achievements, happenings, concerns or questions.  Families will receive a written description of their child’s participation in the program once a week. Calendars and newsletters are distributed on a regular basis.  Please post your copies in a convenient spot, so you may be aware of what is happening at school.


C.E.S. School Readiness Program schedules two family/teacher conferences each year.  These conferences are structured opportunities for families and teachers to share information about each child’s learning and development.  

If at any time the parents or staff wish to have an additional meeting, it may be arranged.  If from time to time the need arises, we will be sure to ask you in and keep you informed about any matters that concern your child.  Thus, we will be able to address and resolve these matters together.

Referral Information

Periodically, the teachers will note that a child is not developing at an appropriate rate.  If this occurs, we will ask to have a conference with you.
The Bridgeport Public School system has educational support services for preschool children who may need assessment for developmental delays.
This service can only be requested with the parent’s permission.  We would be happy to assist you with this process if needed.

If your child has special needs, an established IEP or in the process of being evaluated, we will work with the family, the Board of Education and the preschool special education teachers to help your child adapt to the typical preschool classroom, and to prepare him/her for the transition into kindergarten.

With parental permission, the C. E. S. School Readiness staff will maintain open lines of communication with all those involved.  If possible, a staff member will attend the PPT meetings to better understand and to share information pertaining to your child’s progress.  Based on individual and family needs, an arrangement may be made for the kindergarten teacher to visit our center and our preschool teacher to visit the kindergarten classroom to assure a smooth transition to kindergarten for children with special needs.

Many local agencies with which we have collaborative agreements enable parents to be referred for family support services.  We are careful to respect the cultural and linguistic needs of the families when connecting them to services.  Many times family stress due to marital problems, unemployment, birth of a sibling, substance abuse etc. can cause a child to act out his/her feelings in inappropriate ways.  Please feel free to discuss your concerns with our Director.  Discussions with parents are always held in strict confidence.

If you as the parent/guardian feel that you need additional services, we can assist you in making a connection with the appropriate services, by completing a “family needs assessment form.”  Once we receive the “family needs assessment form,” the Director will contact you to make a referral to the appropriate agency.

After services are received, we will ask you to complete an informal survey on how your needs were met, and if you were satisfied.  This information will help us to determine whether or not to continue to maintain our collaborative agreement with that agency.

Disenrollment Policy

C.E.S. School Readiness Program has a thirty (30) day probation period for children.  During that period if either party, the family or the Director, does not wish to continue the association, or if payments are in arrears for two weeks, the contract may be terminated.  

C.E.S. School Readiness Program evaluates every child in our program.  If we have a concern about the development of a child, we will share this information with the family and recommend professional evaluation.  The Director will work with the family and inform them of resources in the community that will assist the child and their family.  Usually the child will remain in our setting and receive special services.  However, if needed, we will work with the family and the professional to place the child in the most appropriate setting that will benefit the child.  On occasion, a child may need help that exceeds the expertise of our staff and the contract will be terminated.

Any child exhibiting abusive, aggressive or hurtful behavior will be excluded from the daily program.   The parent or guardian will be contacted to pick up the child within 30 minutes of receiving the phone call.

Abusive, aggressive, and hurtful behavior is defined as biting, excessive hitting or kicking, scratching, using inappropriate language or any aggressive behavior that leaves a mark or injury on another person.

The Director, classroom teacher, and family will meet to discuss the child’s behavior and develop a plan to work with child and family.  The plan may include a referral to one of our many community agencies which can provide additional support to the child, family and staff.  

If a family fails to cooperate with our staff and/or if efforts to change or improve the behavior are not successful, the child will be required to leave the program.
This decision will be at the discretion of the Director.
If the staff of the program determines that a family member of a child is disrupting the daily operation of the center, that child and family member will be required to leave the program, thus terminating their contract.  This decision will be at the discretion of the Director.     

After the probation period, if a family wishes to terminate a contract, the Director will need two weeks written notice.


If you have any concerns or questions, please first discuss them with your child’s teacher.  If you feel the issue is still unresolved, please speak with the Director.  She has full authority regarding the policies and procedures of our center.
We encourage you to share any suggestions/concerns you may have about C.E.S. School Readiness.  Our program will truly try to reflect the contributions of all involved.  Each year we survey our families about their satisfaction with the program.

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